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Book Review: Floating in Darkness

An interesting book, telling of an interesting life. Ron Garan has been a Fighter Pilot, an Astronaut, a Father, and a Husband, and here recounts his experience of each, his visions for the future, and his hopes for the same. The perspective of looking down at the whole world all at once is one that most of us imagine we have, having seen pictures, having watched from the ISS live stream, having seen a hundred pictures of the earth as it looks from space, but to see it with your own eyes, to understand just how small a world we are in amongst all of the myriad wonders of the cosmos, this he has done, and it's clear to see how it's shaped his perspectives. It's interesting to see the perspective change as he grows older, from the days as a fighter pilot, when all he lived for was the next mission, the thrill of flying, and the challenge of being the best, to finding Carmel, his wife, and the greater perspective that she clearly brought to his life, and then the challenge of becoming an astronaut, and the change in his thoughts as he looked down at the earth from on high. It's clear that Ron is a spiritual man, with a deep and undivided love of God and all his works, and while this may put some people off reading the book, the understanding has to be present that at no point does Ron try to put his beliefs upon the reader, the just says that he believes, it's up to everyone else what they think, this is just how he thinks. While the reading of his life was interesting, what got my attention most about this book was his revelations towards the end of it, his thoughts for the future and how he sees the human race continuing. From a man who has seen all the sides of the box, it comes as a thoughtful and clear narrative that should not be hard to follow, and yet, even as he says it, he mentions that he knows that it will be hard for many to consider it. However, like his belief in god, so is his hope for humanity. In his own words. You are more powerful than you can imagine, and together, we are unstoppable.

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