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Book Review: The Recollection (10th Anniversary Edition)

Driving across galaxies in a Land Rover Interstellar zombies (but are they?) Lost Hope, Found Love Two perspectives, one story, perfectly meshed The fate of the universe in the balance This, this is what space operas should be, vast arcing plotlines, travel across time and space, huge stakes, but underpinned by characters that you can relate to on a personal level. It's not easy to get the balance between the huge breadth of a story like this, it's too easy to look at the massive events going on and get focussed on those to the exclusion of all else, thinking that such events will be enough to wow the audience. But it isn't, what matters is what we can relate to. Characters that care for each other, over centuries and light years, the bonds of family and what it means to love people with all your heart, to be willing to travel those distances to make sure that those people are safe and happy, and to know that given the choice, you'd do it all again. This is what Space Opera should be.

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