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UKGE Best Adventure Category: Mothers Love

First up in the Best Adventure category is Mothers Love, for the Cthulhu Hack. Not just a single adventure, but three, all linked by the their connection to the mother goddess, Shub-Niggurath.

The first adventure is Deep Roots, set in Ontario with the investigators being sent to find out what happened in the aftermath of a missing child and a homicide. This leads them into the darkness surrounding the area where they discover that the local orphanage might have been doing more than just caring for the children within.

The second adventure is Ggantija, set on Malta with the players taking the part of professional actors brought in to play the leads in his production of The Tempest. As they investigate further, they find that they are not the only ones playing leads, only the other companies actors have a far larger special effects budget.

The third adventure is Gifts of the Flesh, set in Greece on the mythical island of Aeaea, with the players taking the part of members of the Protectors of Mistreated Animals, sent to investigate possible issues towards the animals found on the island. What they find there is beyond mortal comprehension, and the machinations of a dark god come to pass.

The book is a hardback with paper that is not glossy like many releases found today. The overall effect is of a book from an earlier generation of roleplaying games, when everything wasn't shiny and smooth, which, given the nature of the game and the scenarios, isn't a bad look to go for. Layout is clear and precise, artwork is using sparingly, but is always tailored for the section it's in. There are several newspaper cuttings and maps within the book and enough hints to draw in beginning GMs to running the adventures. The subject matter is adult, as you would expect from this setting, but the depiction of the creatures, mutations, and horror rely on almost clinical descriptions, which almost makes it worse, whilst keeping the language such that anyone could read it.

Judges were impressed by the clear layout of the adventures and the ease with which players could be drawn in. The production values weren't to the same level as some of the other entries in the category, but this wasn't seen as an issue.

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