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UKGE Best Adventure: Aria, The Crimson Path

The last entry for the best adventure is The Crimson Path, from First Falling Leaf

Different to many published adventures in that it doesn't need the main rule book to play the scenario, sufficient rules are presented within to allow anyone to run the adventure, thus making it easy to get into the game world with minimal outlay.

This adventure is only available on PDF, but the layout is crisp and clear, there's artwork at the beginning of every chapter and in the characters section, all of which is relevant to the scenario at that point.

The adventure is a beast hunt of sorts, with three separate acts leading to a final battle. What distinguishes this from other adventures is that it's been written very much from the point of view of getting whoever picks it up to enjoy the game that they have in their hands. True, if FFL had presented it as most adventures are, they could have used the additional pages to put more content into the adventure, but this is a PDF, and they've made sure that they've done justice to the adventure rather than using the additionals to pad the product.

There are a number of hints throughout, things that can be dropped like crumbs for the characters to follow, not all of them lead to solid connections, but they're the sort of thing most experienced GM's throw out for players to follow up, and it's good to see that the atmospheric side of things is strong in this.

It does very much have the feel of a starter set adventure to it, of a taste of things so that your appetite may be whetted, but there's a lot of content in here, and a number of hooks that would do well at enticing people to pick up the main rule book.

In all, it's an interesting gambit, time will tell if the world is ready for adventures that don't need the rules and if this is an isolated incident, or the shape of things to come.

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