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UKGE Best Adventure Category: Rough Nights and Hard Days

The second submission for the Best Adventure Category is an old scenario given new life in Cubicle 7's ongoing Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Schedule.

Rough Nights and Hard Days contains five adventures that are playable as single adventures or can be linked together into a mini campaign.

The first adventure is A Rough Night at The Three Feathers, wherein the heroes arrive to a riverside inn expecting a quiet evening, but this rapidly escalates into mayhem when the Inn plays host to the Gravin, Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz of Ambosstein.

The second adventure is A Day at the Trials. The heroes are called upon to act as champions for the Gravin, at a trial when there is more on the field than the other sides champion.

The third adventure is A Night at the Opera, where the Gravin goes to celebrate her victory, but those who were intent on seeing her convicted still have cards left to play.

The fourth adventure is Nastassia's Wedding, where the heroes are invited to attend after the stresses of the trial and the opera, but what should have been a happy occasion is, once again, beset by those who intent on mayhem.

The final adventure is Lord of Ubersreik, wherein the heroes are brought to a society ball where other nobles are intent on pursuing their own ends, and a political battle is not the greatest of the heroes concerns.

The five adventures work together, with the first three having a solid narrative between them and the remaining two easy to link into the over arcing plot. The production values are superb, from the abundant artwork to the simple touches like the raised lettering on the front cover, the care that has gone in to producing a premium product is apparent throughout.

Stat blocks are present for all major characters that the heroes might interact with, each with their own motivations and machinations. The encounters can be scaled to match the party playing through them and the prose is lean but evocative.

The Judges considered that the production values of this book were the highest of the category, counterbalanced by the fact that the cost was the highest of the category as well. The scenarios wove together well whilst still retaining sufficient individuality to be used as isolated incidents should the GM which to do so.

Available from Cubicle 7

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