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UKGE Best Expansion Category: Eberron DM's Screen

The next entry in the Expansions category is the Eberron Dm’s Screen from Dungeons and Dragons. Like the encounter cards, three different screens were submitted and we asked them to choose a single screen to represent them in the category.

They chose Eberron.

The other two screens were “Of Ships and the Sea” and “Descent into Avernus”, but given that they had submitted Eberron to the awards as well, it made sense to make everything uniform. In terms of description of the product, well…

It’s a GM’s screen.

Pretty much does what it says on the tin, the artwork is first rate, the production values are excellent, it’s a good, hard wearing screen that will last a very long time. The insides contain four pages of information about the Eberron setting.

The first page is Common names, Languages, and Months , the second page is Dragonmarks and their Houses.

The third page is the map of the continent of Khorvaire, with the last page being Deities of Eberron and Goods and Services.

There’s little to be said about DM’s screens, they serve a purpose, and this will do very well for that purpose.

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