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UKGE Best RPG Category: Romance of the Perilous Land

The third entry to the Best Roleplaying Game Category is Romance of the Perilous Land from Osprey

Presented in the same format as Paleomythic, A5 hardbound, RotPL is a game set in the world of British folklore, working within the time of the Arthurian Legends.

The systems are simple, advancements can be done in many different ways. The character classes are kept to generalised types, rather than specialised, with the emphasis being more on the character and what they do, rather than their character sheet.

The artwork is good, all the pieces are section relevant and it’s easy to see that the book was built with a very particular feel in mind. The production values of the book are excellent, again a very solid book with a lot of content.

Particular care is taken to make sure that the enemies being faced are relevant to the times, and that the feel of adventuring in these times is appropriate, there are statistics for all the major heroes and villains of the legends, and a good bestiary with notes on how to use each monster as appropriate.

The section on running a campaign is brief, many felt a little too brief, and the book lacks an opening scenario to play the characters through as an introduction. There is all you need to run a campaign in the book, but something to allow the GM to run straight at the game would have gone a long way to improving the judges thoughts on the game.

Again, the Judges particularly liked the price point, noting that getting a full book that can be used to run a campaign for nearly half the price of some of the other entries could not be (no pun intended) discounted.

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