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UKGE Best RPG: Jordenheim

Lo there do I see the next game, Lo there do I see the artwork, and the rules, and the setting, Lo there do I…

Wait, that’s the Thirteenth Warrior, this is Jordenheim, from W.R.K.S.

Jordenheim was original developed to underpin the game development of the PC games that W.R.K.S. produce, but they enjoyed the world building so much that they decided to make a whole game out of it. That it started as a computer game is evident from the way the rules are put together, there are a lot of modifiers, and all points are measured with little space for narrative intervention.

This isn’t a bad thing, it means that the game will give you precisely what you’re after and all the difficulty levels will have been well tested before you get to them. There is a reasonable sized gazette regarding the world and the various factions within it, description of powers and gods, magic, combat, all the mechanical things that you need to make the game run.

What it lacks are examples of the things that you’re likely to encounter, there is no monster manual, no starting adventure, no hints on how to run the game or examples of anything that you might engage against. We spoke to the creators of the game and found that most of these things will be coming through later in the year.

This of course leaves us with the unenviable position of having to judge something that doesn’t have all the things required to play the game, it’s a good start to a game, the mechanics are sound and well thought through, the world is enticing, if somewhat text heavy, but without all the other parts of the game to judge it objectively, we couldn’t really deliver a verdict.

So to finish what we started on…

Lo there do I not see the monsters, equipment, and campaign, back to the beginning. Lo, it does call to them, it bids them finish what they started, for the halls of judging, where the best may reign, forever…

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